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Photography is a analytical discipline, unlike painting which is synthetic.  Some people naturally have an analytical imagination, others a synthetic, and some not at all. I am analytical. If someone gives me a blank piece of paper and asks me to draw something, I panic. I have no idea what I should make. But if they place me anywhere in the world and ask me what I see, and to visually explain and freeze the image in a photo, I can do this very easily. I would even say instinctively.

Photography is an artistic process that can embrace the whole world. I like to work without a time limit, unobserved and undisturbed, and without phone calls or other interruptions.  When I go somewhere to photograph, I never know whether I will will be there five minutes or five days. My inspiration comes from the light, the atmosphere and from my reaction to that moment. To be creative often means  following a path with very limited chance and only partial ideas, ending often at a dead end but ready to follow a new path.

For me the entire process in the creation of a photo is a source of joy. I enjoy being out at odd times of the day or night experiencing fascinating places, where I would love to be even if I was not a photographer. I love to photograph when I travel and everything that goes with it. To develop the film and see the first contact sheets is always so exciting;  to edit my images, make the test prints and to achieve the challenge of the final prints . It is crucial to me that I make the prints of my images myself. The darkroom brings immeasurable creative potential. It could be that someone else has better technical aspects then mine in printing, but this would not be my interpretation. I find the work in the darkroom and in general the printing work, fascinating and inspiring. It influences and enriches the way I see and also my way of photographing. 
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